Why Cremation?
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Why Choose Cremation?        

The reasons consumers are choosing simple cremation over traditional funeral services are as personal as they are numerous. High funeral and cemetery costs, changing family demographics, and varying religious beliefs are but a few. Cremation is not only a very considerate alternative, it is an environmentally responsible choice. Cremation also allows for a wide range of personally meaningful options for the final disposition of our remains such as cemetery interment, burial on private property, scattering at sea, or kept at home. It is not surprising that cremation is the preference for most informed consumers.With a cremation rate approaching 60%, cremation is the simple, dignified and affordable choice.

Most Common Reasons For Choosing Cremation 

  • Cost Savings
  • More Flexible Options
  • Less Environment Impact
  • Diminishing Religious Restrictions
  • Easier on the Family
  • Increasing Range of Choices
  • Families Are More Disbursed
  • Greater Public Acceptance
“We never felt right about funerals and viewing ... the Cremation Society was the right choice for us.”
“We are running out of burial space...cemeteries are using up our scarce land.”
“It's a nice feeling knowing that my family will not have to go through the ritualistic scene of a funeral.”
“When my time comes...I just want to keep it simple.”